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Here’s Why We’re Moving To HubSpot’s CMS Hub

I’ve been tinkering with the HubSpot CMS for several years now, and have always considered the possibility of moving our site across to it … but never quite got around to actually doing so. Then, last month, HubSpot announced their CMS was getting a major upgrade, and was becoming ‘CMS Hub’ – the fourth major product on the HubSpot platform. I decided it was time to take another look at it, and very quickly made the decision to make the switch. In this post I’ll set out the reasons why, after more than a decade, we’re finally breaking up with WordPress.

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INBOUND19 HubSpot Product Spotlight Wish List

In just one week from today, HubSpot’s Senior Vice President of Product Christopher O’Donnell will step on stage at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to announce the new features, updates and integrations that will be coming to the HubSpot platform over the next few months.

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How To Use Your iCloud Calendar Alongside HubSpot CRM

It’s no understatement to say that I’m a massive Apple fan. I bought my first Mac back in 2008, and if there’s been an Apple version of a product or service since then, it’s pretty much a sure thing that I’ll choose that over a competitor’s offering.

I also use HubSpot fairly heavily too, and have configured other facets of our business to work alongside it. Our website utilises several of the HubSpot CRM features, including live chat and the ability for prospects to book meetings directly into a member of our team’s calendar.

The problem is that HubSpot only has native integrations with Gmail and Outlook. If you’re an iCloud user like me, any events in your iCloud calendar can’t be seen by HubSpot.

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#INBOUND17 HubSpot Product Spotlight Recap

The HubSpot Product Spotlight was one of my favourite sessions at the Inbound event in 2016. Presented each year by HubSpot’s VP of Product, Christopher O’Donnell, the session outlines the company’s product road map for the next 12 months, and provides some insight into where HubSpot believes the future of marketing and sales technology is headed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there in person this year, so last Tuesday evening saw me sat at my computer like a (somewhat geeky) kid on Christmas eve, eagerly awaiting the live stream from #INBOUND17 in Boston.

As always, there were a tonne of exciting features and improvements announced across the entire HubSpot product line, but for this recap I’ve picked six of my personal favourites and covered them in a bit more detail.

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How To Create An Automated Lead Rotator In HubSpot

When you’re just getting started with inbound marketing, the number of leads your website generates for your business will be relatively small and fairly easy to manage.

However as your lead generation efforts mature and you start to attract a higher volume of leads, it becomes increasingly difficult to manually distribute those leads quickly and evenly to your sales team.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to completely automate this task. In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to create a HubSpot lead rotator that will distribute the leads your website generates automatically and fairly across your sales team. This simple piece of automation will take you less than five minutes to setup, but has the potential to save you hours of manual work every month.

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